Real Body 3D Bone System Nikaido Rio

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Real Body 3D Bone System Nikaido Rio

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Japanese Silicone Sex Doll

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¥ 21,000

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Silicone dolls are beautiful woman or a portion of the woman's body does not move. They do not speak, do not cry and they are very horny. It's so nice inside, they ejaculate faster than expected.

They are very often emotional presence, become a cherished object and respond to a sexual need.

Due to the Japanese post office size limitation Only EMS or UPS can be choose for customer from the USA 

  • Dimension H575×W420×D270mm
  • Original Japanese Name リアルボディ+3Dボーンシステム ちゃいドル二階堂りお
  • Maker SSI Japan
  • Product Weight 7kg

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