Zuritte Oppai ChiChifueta

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Zuritte Oppai ChiChifueta

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Zuritte Oppai ChiChifueta

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  • Dimension 31x12cm
  • Original Japanese Name ズリってホッパイ!チチフエタ
  • Maker Hotpowers
  • Product Weight 3000g


I have experience with many breast shaped toys. This one is definitely the best I've found. I had been researching a successor to my "Busty Ai-Chan". I became interested in the Chichifueta when I discovered that it was incredibly hard to come by, even domestically in Japan.

I had nearly given up searching when I found them here at Otona-Sekai. Let me be blunt... If you're a titty guy - get these!!

I am nothing less then impressed and in awe of how convincing these tits are. I've read that these are carefully handmade and are delicate. The care that went into this toy is unprecedented.

If you decide to treat yourself to this experience, you will not be disappointed. They're soft, bouncy and shaped like something out of my dreams.

I lasted less then a minute! No exaggeration what so ever.

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