Monster Alraune "La pucelle" Onahole

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Monster Alraune "La pucelle" Onahole

Monster Girl Masturbator

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¥ 2,250

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Inspired from Joan of Arc fantasy "la pucelle"

Enjoy this tight  Monster Girl 

  • Dimension 160x135 (mm)
  • Original Japanese Name 極彩 MONSTER
  • Maker Magic Eyes

Good enough for the price, but lacking

It feels very good and is definitely worth it for this price, dirt-cheap compared to most other shops - But this product has some serious flaws that make me pretty sure that it will not last a long time.
I used it for maybe ~1-2 hours in total by now, and already the outer red layer is peeling off a bit here and there, but that's nothing that can't be fixed with some superglue.
The big problem though, is that the red outer layer is also kinda flaking off.

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