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La vie en ROSES

Japanese Masturbator

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¥ 3,000

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This Onahole is really realistic

with 2 holes to choose from.

A good quality material that will insured  its durability 

Good texture that will let you experience real pleasure  

Big lips for even more fun

  • Dimension H170mm×W110mm×D85mm
  • Original Japanese Name ラビアンローゼズ La vie en ROSES
  • Maker Magic Eyes

La Vie en Roses Review

Again, another Magic Eyes Onahole, this time featuring 2 tunels, vaginal and anal at a pretty good price, normaly onaohles with two tunels tend to cost much more.

Weighting 700g its pretty heavy but its very unbalaced and its heavir in the bottom part, stimulation is pretty mild but its very meaty and tight, the anal tunel is very simple with a ribbed design, its a nice addition though.

Cleaning takes a bit more work and its very noisy toy.

Overall a very good purchase if you are interested in anal and heavy meaty sensation.

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