Innocent Little Sister Tight Edition

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Innocent Little Sister Tight Edition

Japanese Masturbator

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If you ever dream to be in with a innocent and tight vagina ,

Here is your chance with " Innocent Little Sister Tight Edition"

You will feel like you are in a real virgin 

The tightness might make you come right away and ask for more

Only difference is that you get to experience this tightness more then one time!!

Let yourself get tempted by the this Little Sister that is only waiting for you to "come in" 

With the notion "Safe skin" you don't need to be afraid to get irritated after usage or multiple the material use is to keep your skin protected while keeping the sensation of a real vagina 

It is recommanded to use a lotion with this onahole.

  • Dimension 145mm×70mm×110mm
  • Original Japanese Name 初々しい妹 キツ穴edition
  • Maker Toys Heart

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